Thursday, December 3, 2009

Army goes wild on Wildcats

West Point, NY (AP) - The Cadets started off the season 0-2, while the Northwestern Wildcats started 2-0. The Cadets were underdogs going into Northwestern territory.

The Cadets shrugged off the speculation of the "experts" and rolled up 400 yards rushing to crush Northwestern 51-21.

Army quarterback Denard Robinson was the player of the game, throwing for a touchdown and running for three more.

Next week: Nebraska

Cadets lose heart-breaker against Mississippi State.

West Point, NY (AP) - The Cadets were driving in the fourth quarter for the go ahead win when their All-American running back coughs up the ball. The game goes into overtime where Mississippi State wins on a touchdown throw.

Final Score - Mississippi State - 30 Army - 27

Next week: Northwestern

Monday, November 23, 2009

Army opens season in Norman

West Point, NY (AP) - After a strong finish to last season, the Black Knights came into the season looking to make a bowl for the first time under coach Shaun Mason. Despite a good effort from the cadets, they looked over matched and overwhelmed against OU. Much heralded recruit Denard Robinson looked at times brilliant and at other times clueless. Though he rushed for over one hundred yards, he turned the ball over four times.

The Army defense couldn't stop eleven infants on defense. The loss of DT Mike Gann proved to be a big one, as OU ran through the Army defenders to the tune of 9.5 yards per carry. The only bright spot of the day for Army was the offense, which looked efficient when not turning the ball over, racking up over 400 yards total offense.

Coach Shaun Mason had the following to say, "Well, it was a tough loss. After we played them so close, we thought we had a shot, but the combination of new faces, the crowd and the talent on the other side of the ball knocked us out of the game real quick. Denard ran the ball like a phenom, we need to get him to protect the ball. Our special teams were terrible, TERRIBLE. You can't run this offense and let the other team beat you at the little things. Anyway, we play the Mississippi State Bulldogs next week, hopefully we show some improvement."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Army wraps up season.

West Point, NY (AP) - The Army Black Knights finish up the 2011 campaign with a 5-7 record. Though the team finished below .500, they won their last 4 games despite losing starting quarterback Cody Jackson.

Coach Shaun Mason finally breaks his media silence in regards to their recent win over rival Navy. "Well, it was a hell of a tough season. We had high expectations after playing OU so close, but then couldn't put the ball in the end zone regularly for 6 out of our next 7 games. But, after the bye week, we came together and beat Air Force, Temple, Wake Forest and Navy. So, we may have went 5-7, but we went 2-0 against the other service academies. I know the cadets would rather win those to games than win all the others combined."

"I have high hopes for next season. Denard Robinson has looked incredible running the scout team this season. We have a good 6'6" receiver coming off his redshirt year. We have the most prolific freshman running back in our history. Hell, 100 more yards and he would have broke the single season team rushing record his freshman year."

"We are going to lose some solid seniors on defense, with Gann and Anderson leaving. Anderson has been a 100+ tackle stud for the two years I have been here. All Gann has done is set the school record for career sacks, IN TWO YEARS."

"Hopefully the kids I have coming in this year can help us out on defense. We gave up alot of points this year. But, they have good size, and are athletic and that is what I need on defense. We finished in the top 10 in sacks this year, but had a -5 turnover ratio. That has to get better next year."

"We will be in the weight room first thing in the morning. We are going to make Rich Rodriguez offseasons look like day care. See ya next year."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Huskies and turnovers bite Black Knights

West Point, NY (AP) - Two untimely turnovers set up Huskies to win on last minute fieldgoal 34-31. Army moves to 1-4 on the season. Next week Notre Dame comes to town, season outlook looking poor.

Wisconsin puts beat down on Army

West Point, NY (AP) - Following another BAD loss, coach Shaun Mason had the following to say, "I think we got full of ourselves after a 6-6 year last year. Now we are 1-3 and haven't looked like a team.

As of now, I am announcing a media blackout until I can get these kids head on straight. I do have one bit of news for you. Denard Robinson looks incredible running the scout offense in practice."

REAL LIFE NOTICE: My family is in the process of moving....updates will continue to suck until we are finished. For a week or so, I will be using my brothers house to update.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scarlet Knights Murder Black Knights

West Point, NY (AP) - The game was all Rutgers. The coach is pissed, the media is pissed and the gods of football are pissed. 51-14 is the worse loss the Knights have taken since new coach Shaun Mason took over last season. He spent the second half screaming at the refs about being blind and bribed.

Coach Mason hopes the defense shows up for the next game, as they must have been on a vacation this week.