Thursday, December 3, 2009

Army goes wild on Wildcats

West Point, NY (AP) - The Cadets started off the season 0-2, while the Northwestern Wildcats started 2-0. The Cadets were underdogs going into Northwestern territory.

The Cadets shrugged off the speculation of the "experts" and rolled up 400 yards rushing to crush Northwestern 51-21.

Army quarterback Denard Robinson was the player of the game, throwing for a touchdown and running for three more.

Next week: Nebraska

Cadets lose heart-breaker against Mississippi State.

West Point, NY (AP) - The Cadets were driving in the fourth quarter for the go ahead win when their All-American running back coughs up the ball. The game goes into overtime where Mississippi State wins on a touchdown throw.

Final Score - Mississippi State - 30 Army - 27

Next week: Northwestern

Monday, November 23, 2009

Army opens season in Norman

West Point, NY (AP) - After a strong finish to last season, the Black Knights came into the season looking to make a bowl for the first time under coach Shaun Mason. Despite a good effort from the cadets, they looked over matched and overwhelmed against OU. Much heralded recruit Denard Robinson looked at times brilliant and at other times clueless. Though he rushed for over one hundred yards, he turned the ball over four times.

The Army defense couldn't stop eleven infants on defense. The loss of DT Mike Gann proved to be a big one, as OU ran through the Army defenders to the tune of 9.5 yards per carry. The only bright spot of the day for Army was the offense, which looked efficient when not turning the ball over, racking up over 400 yards total offense.

Coach Shaun Mason had the following to say, "Well, it was a tough loss. After we played them so close, we thought we had a shot, but the combination of new faces, the crowd and the talent on the other side of the ball knocked us out of the game real quick. Denard ran the ball like a phenom, we need to get him to protect the ball. Our special teams were terrible, TERRIBLE. You can't run this offense and let the other team beat you at the little things. Anyway, we play the Mississippi State Bulldogs next week, hopefully we show some improvement."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Army wraps up season.

West Point, NY (AP) - The Army Black Knights finish up the 2011 campaign with a 5-7 record. Though the team finished below .500, they won their last 4 games despite losing starting quarterback Cody Jackson.

Coach Shaun Mason finally breaks his media silence in regards to their recent win over rival Navy. "Well, it was a hell of a tough season. We had high expectations after playing OU so close, but then couldn't put the ball in the end zone regularly for 6 out of our next 7 games. But, after the bye week, we came together and beat Air Force, Temple, Wake Forest and Navy. So, we may have went 5-7, but we went 2-0 against the other service academies. I know the cadets would rather win those to games than win all the others combined."

"I have high hopes for next season. Denard Robinson has looked incredible running the scout team this season. We have a good 6'6" receiver coming off his redshirt year. We have the most prolific freshman running back in our history. Hell, 100 more yards and he would have broke the single season team rushing record his freshman year."

"We are going to lose some solid seniors on defense, with Gann and Anderson leaving. Anderson has been a 100+ tackle stud for the two years I have been here. All Gann has done is set the school record for career sacks, IN TWO YEARS."

"Hopefully the kids I have coming in this year can help us out on defense. We gave up alot of points this year. But, they have good size, and are athletic and that is what I need on defense. We finished in the top 10 in sacks this year, but had a -5 turnover ratio. That has to get better next year."

"We will be in the weight room first thing in the morning. We are going to make Rich Rodriguez offseasons look like day care. See ya next year."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Huskies and turnovers bite Black Knights

West Point, NY (AP) - Two untimely turnovers set up Huskies to win on last minute fieldgoal 34-31. Army moves to 1-4 on the season. Next week Notre Dame comes to town, season outlook looking poor.

Wisconsin puts beat down on Army

West Point, NY (AP) - Following another BAD loss, coach Shaun Mason had the following to say, "I think we got full of ourselves after a 6-6 year last year. Now we are 1-3 and haven't looked like a team.

As of now, I am announcing a media blackout until I can get these kids head on straight. I do have one bit of news for you. Denard Robinson looks incredible running the scout offense in practice."

REAL LIFE NOTICE: My family is in the process of moving....updates will continue to suck until we are finished. For a week or so, I will be using my brothers house to update.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scarlet Knights Murder Black Knights

West Point, NY (AP) - The game was all Rutgers. The coach is pissed, the media is pissed and the gods of football are pissed. 51-14 is the worse loss the Knights have taken since new coach Shaun Mason took over last season. He spent the second half screaming at the refs about being blind and bribed.

Coach Mason hopes the defense shows up for the next game, as they must have been on a vacation this week.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

EA Sports: NCAA Football 10 Video

EA Sports: NCAA Football 10 Video

Eagles Get Wings Clipped At Army

E. MICH771014341

West Point, NY - Flying high on giving Oklahoma hell, Army welcomed Eastern Michigan into Miche Stadium looking to dominate. In the end, it turned into a shootout. Both teams took their opening drives to the house to knot the score at 7-7. The two long drives exhausted the opening stanza.

In the second, Army took the ball down to score...wait a minute, they were called for holding as they punched the ball in on 3rd and goal and had to settle for a field goal, to go up 10-7. Army then jumped on the Eagles as the Black Knights took advantage of a tipped pass and Stephen Anderson picked the ball out of the air and trotted down the field 80 yards for the score to go up 17-7. Before the half, Eastern Michigan marched down the field to score to go in the half down 17-14. Freshman defensive end Blake Brown abused the Eagle quarterback, ending the half with 3 sacks.

In the second half it there was no defense. The Eastern Michigan offense began having their way with the Black Knight defense. Army did manage to put a touchdown on the board, but the 3rd quarter ended all knotted up at 24. Army starting quarterback Chip Bowden was knocked of the game near the end of the fourth. Eastern Michigan running back Priest took over the game, running for two LONG touchdowns, one in each the third and fourth quarter. Army was able to keep up on offense in the fourth quarter despite a touchdown by Priest and a kickoff return.

As the clock wound down, the Army team got a stern talking to from Coach Shaun Mason, reporters over heard something about only giving up twenty one to Oklahoma and this running back making them look like a JV defense.

Army came out ready to play in overtime, holding Eastern Michigan to a three and out, with Eastern Michigan kicking a field goal. Once the offense went onto the field, backup quarterback Chase Johnson took the team on his back and got down to inside the five where freshman running back Tyler Brigham ran around the end to score and deliver the win.

Coach Mason was so irritated at his defense that he declined all post game interviews.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Week 1 - OU Comes A Knockin'


West Point, NY (AP) - The Sooners from Normal came into Miche Stadium with one thing on their mind, destruction. However, the Black Knights were ready for war. With no respect given to the Knights in the national press, coach Shaun Mason had the cadets fired up and ready to play. The opening kickoff went the the Knights, who drove down the field, stalled and kicked a 33 yard field goal to take a 3-0 lead. Oklahoma was stifled it's first two drives and the bell rang at the end of the first stanza with the Black Knights leading.

In the second quarter, the Black Knights again drove the field, scoring when true freshman super recruit T()() Brigham took the ball in on a flexbone dive from two yards out. The drive showed the diversity of the Black Knight offense as they mixed things up to keep the far more talented Sooner squad on their heels. The Sooners tried valiantly to move the ball on the swarming Army defense, but were denied right before the half when a big hit jarred the ball lose inside the Oklahoma five. The half ended with Army up 10-0. The vaunted Sooner offense was limited to 86 yards of offense in the first half.

In the second half, the Sooners finally looked like they were the better team. After trading drives ending with punts, the Sooners finally took the ball down the field and pounded the ball into the endzone on a Calhoun two yard dash. The drive was dominated by the running game of the Sooners, who manhandled the opposing line. Not to be deterred, the Knights answered with a field goal to take a 13-7 lead into the final quarter.

With the biggest upset in school history looming large, the Black Knights of Army began to show their youth, unable to control the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball. On the first Oklahoma possession, they marched down the field to take a 14-13 lead on the back of running back Calhoun and tight end Reese. Reese made defenders look silly with leaping grabs. Army got the ball back, determined to win, but were turned back. Looking to run the clock, the Sooner offense marched methodically down the field to take a 21-13 lead. Army received the ball one last time, but the offense was unable to transition to a passing team and senior quarterback Chip Bowden threw a long interception on fourth down to clinch the Sooner victory.

Coach Shaun Mason said in the post game interview, "My boys played better than I could ask for today. No real turnovers, we hit hard and moved the ball. They were better today, but I feel good about the rest of the season. It sure would have felt good to get one over on the big boys today."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Army Overlooks North Texas

West Point, NY (AP) - In the fervor to prepare for rival Navy, coach Shaun Mason overlooks the fact that the Black Knights were completely unprepared for the North Texas Eagles. In fact, coach Mason was shocked when the plane landed in Denton, Texas instead of Maryland.

The Eagles came out and jumped to a 14 point lead in the first quarter on the back of quarterback and coaches son Cody Dodge. Late in the first, a crushing hit by Army leads to Dodge being taken off the field with a torn pectoral muscle. That was the only reason this game was close.

On the next kickoff, Army took the ball 90 yards on the return for a touchdown. North Texas quickly returned the favor with a quick field goal scoring drive. Again, Army breaks a return to score a touchdown. This put the score at 17-14 and it looked like Army was in the game.

North Texas again scores to put the game at 24-14. Army answers back with their first and only offensive score in the game to take get to 24-21. This was the only time Army did anything right on offense. The two teams traded short drives and North Texas gets the ball again, but turn the ball over on a sack and fumble that is returned for a score and the Black Knights take a 28-24 lead with only a few minutes remaining. North Texas stuns the Black Knights with a 70 yard touchdown to win the game.

Coach Mason said after the game, "We were putting great pressure on that five wide offense. We had I think 11 sacks, but we couldn't do anything on offense. We are going to have to spend some serious time in the offseason figuring out how to move the ball in the air."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Army Bowl Eligible

West Point, NY (AP) - For the first time since 1996 the Black Knights are eligible for a bowl game. Following another close win against the Troy Trojans, the cadets of Army are excited. As excited as they are, they are working hard to prepare for rival Navy.

Coach Shaun Mason said, "I don't have time to chit chat with you guys. This is the most important week of the year. If we don't beat Army, this season is a failure, no matter what records."

"While I have you folks here, I just want to say it is a shame that my middle linebacker isn't up for any awards. I think he has had as good a year as anyone. I am a little upset those writers can't look outside the BCS teams to find stud players having stud years."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Battle in the Blizzard

West Point, NY (AP) - The rivalry between Army and Air Force is only natural. Both service academies take highly motivated young men and women and turn them into warriors. By definition warriors are competitive. Since no one would approve of the Air Force and Army warring on one another, the competition is taken out on the football field. Bragging rights, and the Commander-in-Chief trophy are the prizes of this yearly game. Heading into this year, Air Force is up ten games in the rivalry all time.

Before the game, Coach Mason was asked if he understood the importance of the rivalry. "Hell, you don't have to been a pure genius to understand that fighters love to win. This and Navy are the Michigan to their Ohio State. Coming from Ohio State, I understand what it means to hate a rival. One of my goals here is to beat the socks off the other service academies, show them that you CAN win here. People think these academies are some kind of football relic. Hell, my wife told me that Army would never be as successful again as they were back in the old days. We'll show them."

With that fire and gusto, the Black Knights went out and battled the Falcons in a driving snow storm. The game was a nailbiter, but Army took the ball into the endzone in the fourth to win 31-28. Coach Shaun Mason was carried off the field with the Commander-in-Chief trophy held aloft. After the game, Coach Mason took a call from President Obama congratulating him. Mason took the opportunity to voice his opinion on health care and Obama socialist leanings. Needless to say, don't look for a congratulatory call for the next 3 years, perhaps longer is the President is reelected in 2012.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Battle of the Knights

West Pointe, NY (AP) - This week the Army Black Knights played host to the Scarlett Knights of Rutgers. Like a jousting match of yonderyear, this game went back and forth until the Black Knights defeated the Scarlett Knights 17-14. Early in the game both offenses looked lackluster, with both teams missing field goals in the opening stanza. Rutgers would have a fumble return for a touchdown called back due to a challenged instant replay. With less than three minutes to go in the first half, Rutgers broke the scoring drought with a touchdown from the goal line. Not to be discouraged, Army went down the field and scored on a 30 yard field goal to end the half.

The second half was little better offensively for either team. Army took the lead 10-7 midway through the third quarter. Looking to put Rutgers away, Army coach Shaun Mason began to run the clock with each possession, a move that would later almost come back to haunt him. After holding Rutgers to seven points in the first three quarters, Army would give up a long drive to Rutgers, capped off with a 3 yard touchdown pass from Natale to Crogran. With two minutes left in the game, Army got the ball back. Army has been a very poor passing team this year, with quarterback Chip Bowden completing less than 40% of his passes. Despite that, Bowden mustered the troops and marched the team down the field. Senior Iwande Smith, who has not seen much time at halfback this year, was promoted this week the third string receiver after converted tight end Ali Villanaevu caught a bout of the dropitis. Despite being a newly moved receiver, Smith pulled in a twenty yard fade route from Bowden with seven seconds left to win the game for the Black Knights.

Coach Mason was seen jumping up and down as the pass was in the air. After the catch several cadets rushed him and dumped Gatorade on him, leaving him a wet, wild bundle of energy. He did not hold a post game press conference, instead telling reporters as the team ran off the field that he was taking the whole team out for ice cream for pulling off the upset against a 5-1 Rutgers squad who though they could win with their scout team.

Next week the Black Knights have a much needed bye week, followed by a trip to Colorado to face rival Air Force.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Army pulls out comeback against Temple.

West Point, NY (AP) - The Army Black Knights have had a lack luster season, losing four of the first six games. Sometimes they kept it close, but others they had their socks knocked off. They came into Philadelphia looking to pound on fellow cellar dweller Temple. Instead, the Black Knights had to come from behind to win a narrow 17-14 decision.

Temple came out firing, returning the opening kickoff 90 yards to take a 7-0 lead. Not to be outdone, the Black Knights tied it up 7-7 after a long drive with a six yard run by 'A' back George Fletcher. The teams traded possessions until Temple punched the ball in from the eight yard line to take a 14-7 lead. During the second quarter, and much of the third it looked like this was all the Owls needed as they punished the Army running game. Army was stopped on fourth down on their own 1 yard line. Army couldn't move the ball in the air, with three times as many dropped passes as completions. In fact, converted tackle Ali Villaneavu lost his spot as the slot hybrid H-Back due to a complete inability to catch the football. Army finished the game with one comepleted pass for 7 yards.

In the third quarter, Army finally put together a solid drive to tied the game up at 14. The Black Knight defense held the Owls to a short drive and it looked like Army would take the lead on their next possession. Instead, Army was again shut down on fourth and short on their goalline. The teams traded field position until a broken tackle allowed the Black Knights to travel into the opposing field, where Army kicker Andy Carlton put the ball through the uprights from 37 yards to take the lead. The Owls were not done, however as they drove down the field, only to turn the ball over on fourth down. Wisely, the Black Knights downed the ball to finish the game.

Coach Mason had the following to say, "Man, if we ever develop a passing game, we might be dangerous. We had seven yards in the air, SEVEN!!! I swear my baby girl could throw for seven yards. Maybe she will play QB for me. But we ran the crap out of the ball, had good third down conversions but we couldn't put the ball into the end zone. I am surprised we didn't lose this one. Credit goes out to Temple who played a hell of a game."

Friday, August 14, 2009

Army inks first two recruits for class of 2011.

West Point, NY (AP) - Army got commitments this week from two high school players who will come in next season looking to contribute. Coach Shaun Mason reached deep into the country to sign defensive tackle Anthony Burnette from Glendale, CA and cornerback Justin Foreman from Adamsville, AL.

Coach Mason had this to say about the two recruits, "Burnette is a mountain of a boy. If he grows into that frame of his, the cafeteria may be in trouble. He is already 6'1" and weights 304 lbs. I look for him to come in and help anchor that all important NT position in the 3-4 defense. He has good strength and is a sound tackle but needs to work on his hands so he can take on more blocks. The other fella, Foreman is a speed demon of a corner. He was clocked at something like 4.38. That's damn fast. I tell you what though, his speed isn't the most impressive thing abou him. He is great playing on an island and can really bump receivers even though he is only 6'0" and 168 lbs. He has a great vertical leap so he should be able to get up with those tall receivers."

Foreman is a three star recruit and Burnette is a two star recruit.

Black Knights rally to against Tulane

West Point, NY (AP) - The Black Knights, fresh off a two game losing streak, welcomed Tulane to town looking to right the ship. Before the game coach Shaun Mason had this to say, "This is an important game for us. Either we get back on track or this train could be headed to Disasterville. We have Notre Damn comin' to town next week and I don't want to start any season off 1-5. I'll tell you this, we have had a tough go of it. We had the Buckeyes and Wisconsin already this year, and we got the Fightin' Irish too? Lets see, four of our first six games are against The Big 10, the Big 12, and Notre Dame. Show me another team with that kind of OOC schedule. That's OK, we will take our beatings and get stronger. We damn near beat Iowa State, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. This is a must win."

Despite the motivation provided by Mason, the Black Knights came out very flat against Tulane. A quick three and out and they punted to the Green Wave. On the ensuing drive Tulane kicked a field goal to go up 3-0. On the kickoff return man Smith ran 91 yards to paydirt to give the Black Knights a 7-3 lead. After forcing another punt, Army broke a long run to go up 14-3. From here the wheels fell off for Army. Tulane got the ball back right before the half and drove the length of the field, scoring on a two yard run. At halftime the game was 14-10.

In the second half Tulane came out loaded for bear. On their first possession in the third Tulane put the ball in the end zone to go up 17-14. After trading possessions, Tulane again scored to put the score at 24-14. Things were looking bleak for the Black Knights as they again failed to move the ball. A quick possession by Tulane gave the Black Knights the ball with three minutes left in the game. A deep bomb followed by a quick running score put the Knights closer at 24-21. Tulane got the ball and tried to run the clock out. After being stopped on second and short, Tulane picked up the first down, further lowering the curtain on Army. Two quick run plays followed by Army timeouts put the yard marker at 3rd and long with less than a minute to go. Tulane dropped back, attempting to move the chains and were intercepted. Army pounds the ball down to the four yard line where CeDarius Williams found the endzone to win the game for Army.

The Army player of the game was defensive wizard V. Ugenyi who had 8 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 3 sacks. Next week Notre Dame travels to Michie Stadium.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Army loses heartbreaker in Iowa

West Point, NY(AP) - The Army Black Knights, fresh off a staggering defeat at Wisconsin, traveled to the Midwest once again to face the Iowa State Cyclones. The game started off on a promising note, with Army up 14-0 early in the first half. The Cyclones stormed back with fourteen unanswered points to tie the game up at 14. In the second half Iowa State continued rolling up points gaining a 21-14 lead. Not to be deterred, the Black Knights fought back, tying the game at twenty one.

With 1:31 left in the third quarter, Iowa State broke a fourty yard touchdown run to take a 28-21 lead. The teams traded three and out possession and Army got the ball back to start the final stanza. Army stormed down the field in three plays, with George Fletcher carrying most of the load as he scampered 70 yards to put the cadets inside the opposing ten. Backup running back Smith then took the ball to paydirt to tie the game at 28-28.

After forcing a Iowa State punt, Army continued their march down the field. After a punishing running game took them to the opposing twenty quarterback Chip Bowden turned the ball over on a midline option after being hit in brutal fashion. The Cyclones took advantage of the possession and scored the winning touchdown on a fifteen yard option run by Iowa State quarterback Arnaud.

Next week Army host Tulane.

Wisconsin Badgers Army

West Point, NY (AP) - The Black Knight traveled to the land of cheese to take on the Wisconsin Badgers in week three. Unfortunately they traveled without head coach Shaun Mason who missed the flight to Camp Randall. Not that it would matter as the home Badgers laid an impressive beating on the coachless Black Knights. The final score was 47-0 with Army laying yet another goose egg on offense. The only bright spot for the cadets was middle linebacker Shinda who had 16 tackles in the loss.

(Note: Razcal and I had to sim this due to online issues. It sucked to sim it since we were tight in both games when we got disconnected. I don't have the heart to write up this freakin' beatin'.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Black Knights Out-Duke Blue Devils

West Point, NY (AP) - After a depressing week one lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes, Army looked to demonstrate they aren't the same old Army against the Duke Blue Devils. After preaching ball control and defense all spring, head coach Shaun Mason got half what he wanted. The Army offense turned the ball over 4 times but the defense limited those opportunities as much as possible.

The highly touted flexbone offense installed by Mason gave it's first glimpse of what is possible, racking up 446 yards and 5 touchdowns. Duke had no answer for the misdirection plays sent at them all day long. Army even added 75 yards and a score through the air. Army 'A' back G... Fletcher started off the festivities with a 35 yard touchdown run early in the first quarter. He wasn't done there tough as he later pulled in a 39 yard touchdown pass and two more rushing touchdowns. The amazing thing is that he was the Black Knights third leading rusher. Quarterback Chip Bowden lead the way with 28 carries for 178 yards. Fullback CeDarius Williams was the second leading rusher with 19 rushes for 119 yards. Then came Fletcher, who had 113 yards on 12 carries. Patrick Mealy, the other 'A' back finished up the game with 35 yards on 5 carries, with two touchdowns.

Duke managed to score 28 points, but those were mostly due to the short field given to them on numerous occasions. The Black Knight defense dominated against the run, pushing Duke back 17 yards in the red. Middle linebacker Stephen Anderson again lead the way with 8 tackles.

Final score: 49-28

Coach Mason had the following to say in the post game press conference, "We played great on defense today. To give up the ball four times and only allow 28 points is amazing. I realize everyone is going to look at the final score and think our offense was great, but we turned over the ball four times. FOUR!! That is not acceptable. The offense is out running the field as we speak. We've got to travel to Wisconsin next week and that effort will result with us getting our ass kicked all over the field."

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 1 Wrapup

West Point, NY (AP) - In the season opener, the Black Knights squared off with the best team on the schedule this season. Ohio State had bad intentions for the visiting Knights and the Horseshoe was trembling in anticipation over the kickoff of the new season.

The Black Knights went down early after Terrell Pryor marched the Buckeyes into the endzone. The Black Knights responded with their best drive of the game, marching into their tOSU territory and leaving with a field goal. Little did they know that would be the closest they got to paydirt.

The rest of the game was defensive domination by Ohio State. A methodical approach on offense by opposing coach Archie Griffin put the Buckeyes in scoring position time after time. In the end, the Buckeyes prevailed 31-3.

In the postgame press conference, new Army head coach Shaun Mason spoke. "All in all, I think this team gave a hell of an effort. It is a tall order to go into Ohio Stadium and knock off the Buckeyes. While I tried to prepare the players to do just that, the difference in team speed and experience was evident. That said, I am damn proud of my defense. The offense got, what, five first downs? To only give up 31 being on the field that much is a miracle."

"Now people will start questioning my offense. Let me tell you this; we were overmatched today. But just like all things good, give it some time and it will work. I am hitting the recruiting trail hard to find players that will fit in here, and I have a pretty young team to work with. We will try to move the ball better next week against Duke."

"I gave the gameball to Stephen Anderson, middle line backer. He was flying around out there and had 10 tackles. I'll see tomorrow how the rest of the team grades. You folks have a good night."

Next week the Black Knights face the Duke Blue Devils.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 1 Preview: Army @ Eastern Michigan

West Point (AP) - Defensive wizard Ron English, who lead many outstanding Michigan defensive units, looks to thwart the new flexbone offense of the Army Black Knights. If his defensive unit has anything in common with those fearsome Wolverine teams, look for a solid unit who plays in the scheme and dictates to the offense.

Army coach Shaun Mason said of the Eagles, "This is my first matchup with Coach English. He has a fantastic reputation. Hopefully we can go out and execute like I know these men can. I think if we play solid defense will will be able to control the game on offense. Look for Chip (Bowden) to have a solid game, that kid is a poor mans Dan Lefavour."

Bowden stepped in last year for a injured Carson Williams and delivered some solid performances. He looks improve in his junior year. Running the new flexbone he should have some opportunities to make plays in space. Look out for converted left tackle Ali Villaneavu who may see time at wideout and tight end.

On the Eastern Michigan side of the ball, former high school quarterback Ryan Downard looks to punish opposing receivers from his safety spot. An elite athlete, Downard had an outstanding spring practice and has show signs of great things to come.

Overall this game should be a close game between two evenly matched squads.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

West Point, NY (AP) -- New head coach Shaun Mason has been running the cadet players ragged on the offensive side of the ball. He has spent a significant amount of time trying to determine who will play the "B" back position in his offense.

"I am looking for someone who can take the option read and rumble fearlessly into the maw of the opponent. Someone who will guard the ball like he guards his country!"

Right now CeDarius Williams looks to be the leader in the hunt. "He doesn't have great size, but he is mean. I like that in a guy. I like a guy who doesn't avoid contact, who craves driving the ball."

Look for more in the upcoming days before the start of the preseason.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

2009 Schedule/Results

9/05 @ Eastern Michigan 7:00 PM
9/12 Duke TBA
9/19 Ball State TBA
9/26 @ Colorado TBA
10/03 Tulane TBA
10/10 Vanderbilt TBA
10/17 @ Temple TBA
10/23 Rutgers 8:00 PM
10/31 Alabama TBA
11/07 @ Air Force 3:30 PM
11/21 @ Notre Dame TBA
12/12 vs. Navy 2:30 PM

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Army Introduces New Coach

With only one win against rival Navy this century, Army alumni put extreme pressure on the administration to bring in new coaching blood. Typically West Point leadership considers coaches with prior ties to the Cadets but with the lack of recent success many felt a drastic hire was needed.

After a lengthy search for the right canidate, new head coach Shaun L. Mason was introduced this week. A graduate from Division III school Ohio Northern University, Mason has no prior coaching experience. However, he was recommended for the post by former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, who's family is from Ada, OH where Mason attended college.

"Shaun is an extremely gifted football mind. He has been successful at every other facet of his young life, and I don't see this being any different. Remember Mike Leach was a lawyer and look at his success at Texas Tech." said Tressel.

Coach Mason looks to improve recruiting at West Point, where he feels previous coaches have failed. "West Point is an amazing experience, it is an incredibly challenging place to attend. Everyone is impressed with a graduate from here, and we need to impress that upon the recruits." When asked about top ranked recruits and the NFL. "One of the big things I wanted to get done here was eliminate the assinine requirement for military service. The average NFL career is short, and there is no reason someone talented enough to get drafted shouldn't get the opportunity to play. They can give service back post NFL. That is the agreement I have reached with the Army before accepting the job."

For the first time in a long time, there is excitement in West Point.