Saturday, September 5, 2009

Army Overlooks North Texas

West Point, NY (AP) - In the fervor to prepare for rival Navy, coach Shaun Mason overlooks the fact that the Black Knights were completely unprepared for the North Texas Eagles. In fact, coach Mason was shocked when the plane landed in Denton, Texas instead of Maryland.

The Eagles came out and jumped to a 14 point lead in the first quarter on the back of quarterback and coaches son Cody Dodge. Late in the first, a crushing hit by Army leads to Dodge being taken off the field with a torn pectoral muscle. That was the only reason this game was close.

On the next kickoff, Army took the ball 90 yards on the return for a touchdown. North Texas quickly returned the favor with a quick field goal scoring drive. Again, Army breaks a return to score a touchdown. This put the score at 17-14 and it looked like Army was in the game.

North Texas again scores to put the game at 24-14. Army answers back with their first and only offensive score in the game to take get to 24-21. This was the only time Army did anything right on offense. The two teams traded short drives and North Texas gets the ball again, but turn the ball over on a sack and fumble that is returned for a score and the Black Knights take a 28-24 lead with only a few minutes remaining. North Texas stuns the Black Knights with a 70 yard touchdown to win the game.

Coach Mason said after the game, "We were putting great pressure on that five wide offense. We had I think 11 sacks, but we couldn't do anything on offense. We are going to have to spend some serious time in the offseason figuring out how to move the ball in the air."

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