Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 1 Wrapup

West Point, NY (AP) - In the season opener, the Black Knights squared off with the best team on the schedule this season. Ohio State had bad intentions for the visiting Knights and the Horseshoe was trembling in anticipation over the kickoff of the new season.

The Black Knights went down early after Terrell Pryor marched the Buckeyes into the endzone. The Black Knights responded with their best drive of the game, marching into their tOSU territory and leaving with a field goal. Little did they know that would be the closest they got to paydirt.

The rest of the game was defensive domination by Ohio State. A methodical approach on offense by opposing coach Archie Griffin put the Buckeyes in scoring position time after time. In the end, the Buckeyes prevailed 31-3.

In the postgame press conference, new Army head coach Shaun Mason spoke. "All in all, I think this team gave a hell of an effort. It is a tall order to go into Ohio Stadium and knock off the Buckeyes. While I tried to prepare the players to do just that, the difference in team speed and experience was evident. That said, I am damn proud of my defense. The offense got, what, five first downs? To only give up 31 being on the field that much is a miracle."

"Now people will start questioning my offense. Let me tell you this; we were overmatched today. But just like all things good, give it some time and it will work. I am hitting the recruiting trail hard to find players that will fit in here, and I have a pretty young team to work with. We will try to move the ball better next week against Duke."

"I gave the gameball to Stephen Anderson, middle line backer. He was flying around out there and had 10 tackles. I'll see tomorrow how the rest of the team grades. You folks have a good night."

Next week the Black Knights face the Duke Blue Devils.


  1. Stay bad for another 3 weeks or so, s'alright?

  2. Definitely a good effort from the Black Knights! Now go thrash Duke next week.