Sunday, August 2, 2009

Black Knights Out-Duke Blue Devils

West Point, NY (AP) - After a depressing week one lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes, Army looked to demonstrate they aren't the same old Army against the Duke Blue Devils. After preaching ball control and defense all spring, head coach Shaun Mason got half what he wanted. The Army offense turned the ball over 4 times but the defense limited those opportunities as much as possible.

The highly touted flexbone offense installed by Mason gave it's first glimpse of what is possible, racking up 446 yards and 5 touchdowns. Duke had no answer for the misdirection plays sent at them all day long. Army even added 75 yards and a score through the air. Army 'A' back G... Fletcher started off the festivities with a 35 yard touchdown run early in the first quarter. He wasn't done there tough as he later pulled in a 39 yard touchdown pass and two more rushing touchdowns. The amazing thing is that he was the Black Knights third leading rusher. Quarterback Chip Bowden lead the way with 28 carries for 178 yards. Fullback CeDarius Williams was the second leading rusher with 19 rushes for 119 yards. Then came Fletcher, who had 113 yards on 12 carries. Patrick Mealy, the other 'A' back finished up the game with 35 yards on 5 carries, with two touchdowns.

Duke managed to score 28 points, but those were mostly due to the short field given to them on numerous occasions. The Black Knight defense dominated against the run, pushing Duke back 17 yards in the red. Middle linebacker Stephen Anderson again lead the way with 8 tackles.

Final score: 49-28

Coach Mason had the following to say in the post game press conference, "We played great on defense today. To give up the ball four times and only allow 28 points is amazing. I realize everyone is going to look at the final score and think our offense was great, but we turned over the ball four times. FOUR!! That is not acceptable. The offense is out running the field as we speak. We've got to travel to Wisconsin next week and that effort will result with us getting our ass kicked all over the field."


  1. I bet when you saw your schedule, you've just been itching to use that headline haven't you? I bet you even picked Army just so you could use that headline didn't you?

  2. No, I am full of pathetic puns.

    Next week I play to badger Wisconsin.=)

  3. Nice win Shaun. Good luck against Raz!