Friday, August 14, 2009

Army inks first two recruits for class of 2011.

West Point, NY (AP) - Army got commitments this week from two high school players who will come in next season looking to contribute. Coach Shaun Mason reached deep into the country to sign defensive tackle Anthony Burnette from Glendale, CA and cornerback Justin Foreman from Adamsville, AL.

Coach Mason had this to say about the two recruits, "Burnette is a mountain of a boy. If he grows into that frame of his, the cafeteria may be in trouble. He is already 6'1" and weights 304 lbs. I look for him to come in and help anchor that all important NT position in the 3-4 defense. He has good strength and is a sound tackle but needs to work on his hands so he can take on more blocks. The other fella, Foreman is a speed demon of a corner. He was clocked at something like 4.38. That's damn fast. I tell you what though, his speed isn't the most impressive thing abou him. He is great playing on an island and can really bump receivers even though he is only 6'0" and 168 lbs. He has a great vertical leap so he should be able to get up with those tall receivers."

Foreman is a three star recruit and Burnette is a two star recruit.


  1. You've signed twice as many people as Michigan has thus far!

  2. Go Army - the first steps towards a national powerhouse.