Saturday, August 29, 2009

Battle in the Blizzard

West Point, NY (AP) - The rivalry between Army and Air Force is only natural. Both service academies take highly motivated young men and women and turn them into warriors. By definition warriors are competitive. Since no one would approve of the Air Force and Army warring on one another, the competition is taken out on the football field. Bragging rights, and the Commander-in-Chief trophy are the prizes of this yearly game. Heading into this year, Air Force is up ten games in the rivalry all time.

Before the game, Coach Mason was asked if he understood the importance of the rivalry. "Hell, you don't have to been a pure genius to understand that fighters love to win. This and Navy are the Michigan to their Ohio State. Coming from Ohio State, I understand what it means to hate a rival. One of my goals here is to beat the socks off the other service academies, show them that you CAN win here. People think these academies are some kind of football relic. Hell, my wife told me that Army would never be as successful again as they were back in the old days. We'll show them."

With that fire and gusto, the Black Knights went out and battled the Falcons in a driving snow storm. The game was a nailbiter, but Army took the ball into the endzone in the fourth to win 31-28. Coach Shaun Mason was carried off the field with the Commander-in-Chief trophy held aloft. After the game, Coach Mason took a call from President Obama congratulating him. Mason took the opportunity to voice his opinion on health care and Obama socialist leanings. Needless to say, don't look for a congratulatory call for the next 3 years, perhaps longer is the President is reelected in 2012.


  1. A blizzard? Give us some pics of that stuff...That'd be great!

  2. I have some video...I'll try to get it on here tonight, or on TF.

  3. Awesome. Can't wait to play you for the armed forces bragging rights.